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RuMiner - Preview
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Professional Cloud Mining Script

Use tabs above to see other important informations!

This is a super affordable, turnkey solution as all the complicated installation and initial setup process is done by us. All you have to do is register a domain, point it to the server and leave all the hard work to us. After we finish the installation process, simply access the admin panel and start configuring the plans and other details of your new website.

How it works:

1. Register your domain (or use an existing one)

2. Buy this service(on this page), informing all the data we need to install and configure your new website

3. Add your domain to your CloudFlare account, and give us access (or set it up according to our instructions)

4. Create a Gmail account and an app password for it so we can set up sending emails on your website

That's it, just wait while we do the installation and basic configuration of your new website.

Main benefits

- Have your own website installed, hosted and configured with a super low monthly investment

- Being able to close your site at any time through the admin panel

- 0 difficulty and headache. We will take care of script installation, hosting configuration and integration with PayKassa

- Your site will be hosted on a VPS, leaving your site with the best possible performance, and you can also (if necessary) upgrade to a higher performance plan to support your site's traffic demand

- Your site will always have the latest version of the script automatically as soon as an update is released

- Free access to any additional theme released

How much does it cost:

Monthly hosting fee: $50/month (VPS)

- Fee for withdrawing to your personal wallet: 5% + PayKassa fee. Only withdrawals made to your personal wallet, withdrawals made by your website users are exempt from this fee(only paykassa fee).

- Remove Footer text "Powered By Ruminer": $10(once)

After contracting the service, the monthly hosting fee will be charged on a predetermined date, and can be paid with any of the payment methods accepted on our website. Failure to pay the monthly fee within 48 hours will result in the complete deactivation of the site, and all data will be irreversibly erased.

After purchase, contact us via Telegram to receive all instructions.

Available Templates: 1



-- Instant Deposits and Withdrawals

– Compatible with all supported coins on PayKassa

– Affiliate Program with fixed percentage

-- PTC Ads

-- Referrals List

-- Deposits History

-- Withdrawals History

-- Banner Ads

-- Site Statistics

-- Faucet/Bonus system

-- Translation System

Admin Panel


Homepage with important information blocks

Users => List, Search, Delete, Edit, Impersonate

Admins => List, Search, Create, Edit, Delete, Impersonate

Roles => List, Create, Edit, Delete

Permissions => List, Create, Edit, Delete

Plans => List, Create, Edit, Delete

Deposits => List, Search, Edit, Delete

Withdraws => List, Search, Edit, Delete

Notifications => List, Edit, Delete, Create

Fake Manager => List, Create, Delete (Users, Deposits and Withdrawals)

PTC Ads => List, Edit, Delete 

PTC Packages => List, CreateEdit, Delete

Banner Ads => List, Edit, Delete

News => List, CreateEdit, Delete

FAQs => List, CreateEdit, Delete

Bounty => List, CreateEdit, Delete

Promo Banners => List, CreateEdit, Delete

Deposit Bonus => List, CreateEdit, Delete

Translations => Edit and translate

Settings => Edit site settings

Dark-Light Mode

Payment Methods


Deposits - PayKassa

Withdrawals - PayKassa

Site Demo
Admin Demo

Admin User: demo

Admin Pass: 123456789

If you have any doubt about this product, use the form below to do you question. We will answer you via email as soon that possible.

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